2012 catastrophe caused by NIBIRU or ELENIN..Russia expresses its concerns

NASA and the European Space Agency have been warning the world for two years about the approaching catastrophes that may unfold during late 2011 through 2012. Few have been listening.
Calling it a “once in a lifetime super solar storm event,” NASA warns that killer solar flares can slam the Earth knocking out the Northern Hemisphere’s technological infrastructure and kicking everything back to the level of the late 1800s.
Russia too has voiced concern. And now the eminent astrophysicist, Alexey Demetriev [“PLANET PHYSICAL STATE OF THE EARTH AND LIFE”], claims what is happening is worse—much worse—than what NASA and the ESA have admitted: Our entire solar system is entering an immense, deadly, interstellar energy cloud.
This is the unknown, alien Photon Belt, World defenseless against unknown, alien cloud!
Terrified scientists at NASA discovered on July 14, 2010, that our system is passing through an interstellar energy cloud. This highly energized, electrified cloud of gas, is disturbing and disrupting the sun. In conjunction with Earth’s weakening and moving magnetic shield, the world is becoming defenseless, against massive solar flares and intense radiation.
NASA, the ESA and the National Academy of Science have issued an unprecedented solar storm warning for 2012. But what NASA and the federal government are hiding, according to Demetriev, is that the sun—and everything in our solar system—has plunged into an alien, unknown photon cloud…a belt of danger that could precipitate gigantic solar explosions, magnetic anomalies, careening cometary masses and destabilize the orbits of some asteroids.
Deadly supermassive flares affect weather
The bottom line is bigger and more frequent solar storms and coronal mass ejections (CME’s) resulting in the Carrington effect, named after 19th Century scientist Richard Carrington. The Carrington effect predicts the generation of super massive flares that affect the Earth in ways that are very unpleasant.
This interstellar cloud of electrical energy is also absorbed by the Earth, and scientist have found that it results in more earthquakes, all while dramatically affecting the weather.
Super solar flare destroying space station and satellites! Demetriev warns to prepare for the worst. “A Global catastrophe! Not in tens of years from now, but in ones of years.” What to expect? The strong possibility of the loss of high technology, increasing super storms, an encroaching Ice Age, more frequent and massive earthquakes and volcanic activity, tsunamis and Earth exposed to deadly radioactive baths. In short, the 2012 fearmongers may not have been far from the truth after all. If Alexey Demetriev is correct, the events occurring in 2012 will be just short of Doomsday…


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